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Invitations only to former collegiate athletes

You must provide proof of your prior collegiate athletic, or ranked club, career. Priority might be granted to highest division athletes, unless the character, adaptability and skill equal if not prove a lower division athlete is more suitable for the roster. Athletes who have competed within the NCAA, NAIA, and the NJCAA may apply. Proof with (photos, video, social) on a collegiate program.


Are you a good representative for the sport?

All athletes who have played a minimum of 2 years, without suspension for behavioral conduct may apply. Triball® is building a brand and connecting with diverse business markets, so it is important that athletes represent company values and conduct on and off the field. Like any business opportunity applicants must provide at least one collegiate reference (a coach, AD, or staff member).


Provide current athletic stature & condition

Detail all health conditions, prior injuries, and intervals of injury for the company to best decide if the intensity of this competition might not be a good physical fit. Current proof of your conditioning regimen (video or social media) appreciated. The tri-out will be part combine, part boot camp, part game. Although it's new, Triball® is no joke and was initially designed as an off-season training regimen.


Why do you want to play Triball® for your state?

Provide a two paragraph essay, or bullet note details about your perspective on the sport, interests, background, value offer, and personal ambition to join a state Triball® team.


Disclaimer: With so many great athletes from different sport backgrounds across the United States the U.S. Triball® Championship will be one of the most exciting/impactful events of our era. Recruiting a roster is a sensitive process, at the end, only a few women and men will be selected to represent each state Triball® team. There are no gaurantees that your application or tri-out will earn you a spot on the roster. If the state team has already been filled Triball® encourages all athletes to continue pursuing opportunities to both play and work with the sport, which can be discussed individually. In order to participate in open tri-outs please read the initial instructions / requirements on the right, and enter your email to access the following pages.

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